Dear opportunity seekers and fellow Ghanaians,

Touched by the frustration that the youth in Ghana go through to find suitable job placements, I decided to put my energy and resources together to build a platform that connects employees with potential employers.

Work in Ghana from its beginning in 2016 until recently has been ran by just myself.

Serving over 2000+ users and paying for everything that relates to the site out of my own pocket (hosting, domain, advertisement and maintenance fees). To allow for yourselves to use the site without interruption, I haven’t been running ads on this site.

While we are actively assisting hundreds of youth each month to find jobs, we need your help to make our efforts go even further!

This site has also not been receiving any outside support from organizations or governments in the past years. Therefore, we are making a passionate request to you today; if is and has been helping you, kindly donate whatever little amount you can to support our cause.

By everyone reading this, giving whatever they can, we can keep this site running and boost our services to support the future of Ghanaian job seekers.

Thank you and good luck in your job search!


Work in Ghana Team (Ernest, Jerry, Kevin)